Pluto Downgraded

Written by: James Tate

Note-- The Tulsa World Newspaper published my prose version of this in February 
1999 and I wrote this version later.

Poor orphaned Pluto is out in gloom and frigid cold
Considered an outsider, his bitter sorrow unfolds
Demoted from planet status he had enjoyed for years.
He lost his brothers and sisters, amidst a flood of tears.

He will dearly miss them though thousands of miles apart.
All nine were family members with camaraderie at heart
For seventy years they claimed him as they circled round the sun
Now he’s no longer orbiting ethereal space in fun.

He asks, “Why do earthlings think they are so very smart?
You’d think they’d be aware of my spinning work of art
Just a trans-Neptunian Object with ice caps at my poles?
Astronomers will ponder when to outer space I stroll.”