Within whispers

Written by: sarah hales

Speak in my dreams 
Race against the time
I follow my inner freedom
I believe you have faith in me
A spirit so high on life within  

To lose yourself within whispers
The sounds become the walls 
Locked within the moments 
I remember all that is in my mind 
Some lifes live on  

I may run faster than the wolves 
As the long grass  is under my feet 
I will take no hate when my grave is deep
Truth of ones heart will cover thee
The kiss from my lover will warm my cold

Fear has no passing as the wind takes my hair
The locks that dance behind 
I will run to the mountain top
To be the queen of your castle 
I will marry the man of all lovers

He awaits at the edge of the stream 
His purest heart is my tune
The words of his love is my sign 
His fire is my divine souls being
He sets my passion free