When I was a little Girl

Written by: Autumn Page

As I lie here with you under the stars, 
I feel infinite
Nothing can take us back now
Your hand graces my body as if 
to cross boundaries every inch
The night stars shine so bright 
And your faded plaid shirt brings me comfort
as I slowly come closer
The wind travels through my hair, marking miles
I try to forget that time and distance will be 
the only thing keeping us apart
But for now, in this moment,
stay close to my heart
For I will be forever shattered if I lose you
For I will be forever shattered if you just 
become  a distant memory and 
my worst fear will come true
of me not knowing what could have been
I used to dream of this when I was a little girl
Racing against time, as we bid goodbye 
or laying forever under the night sky and 
talking, of our dreams, our hopes, our love
Of two years going by too long, and me racing, heart
pounding, mind wondering where you have gone
But here I am running, me racing, heart pounding, no longer caring
where you were just glad I will see you.
Time. Time. Time. Do not fail me now. 
As if every stride is a torn piece of clothing coming closer together. 
Distance. Distance. Distance. I can finally see. 
MY thoughts racing. 
I crash, into your arms. 
And I immediately go back to when I was a little girl.