Written by: sidewalker 1

When I awoke, as dawn's sun glanced,
the sky was cast a crimson hue.
The frigid blue of nightly hush,
mellowed as the hour advanced.

The lilt of songbirds graced the air
that breathed the scent of dewy pine.
In wonder, morning glories gaped. 
This world, enchanted, dressed so fair.

Silver mist enlaced the trees;
wrapped the hills in silken cloth.
On feather clouds, my spirits rose,
wafting on a tender breeze.

I've fallen where the buoyant flew,
to wallow years in effete ground.
Now before my eyes this gift:
to glean in beauty something new.

The sky now blushed a pale red,
and through the mist this maiden slipped.
Draped in flowing lambent robes,
sun-rays haloed round her head.

Into my hearth, dawn she spread
her golden warmth across my breadth.
With morning goodness now bestowed,
she in a blaze, to daylight sped.

*For Francine Roberts' "Good Morning" contest