Written by: Micah Smith

Im so blessed,
i feel so happy and refreshed,
even though she sad no,

we can only be friends,
i said it depends,
she hates me but loves my benifits,
.........yea im suppose to stand there and just take those licks,

like i said i feel good,
why? because i should,
i feel great,
because i really appriciate,

appriciate the fact that i'll find someone better,
who will hang in there through any kind of weather,
and when its cold i'll give her my sweater,

i'll come running to her when she says come get me,
i'll even give her the last meat ball in the spaghetti,
i'll do anything for her as long as she lets me,

loving you felt right but it was wrong,
out all night whiles im home listening to love our song,
came to find out you were playing all along,

thats all i wanted to say,
if you change you're mine and you want to come no! stay,
if you want to go to another then you may............