Written by: Grobb Johnson

Do you see this flavored powder?
Here before us
right this hour.
Mix it with which brings all life
and you shall sail with endless flight.

So drink the cloudy water, it makes you go so fast.

Now does it really speed you up
or just slow down,
the world around?
Here drink some from my cup
do you feel that soothing sound?

The serenity
felt from the speed in me
crawls through my blood
so beautifly.

I feel it tingle
feel it spike
caress my pulse
with such a bite.

It lifts me high
above all else
it makes me fly
how bout yourself?

Now I can conquer all that is
and I can see
all that are.
Cause right now infinity
is not too far.

I feel more than fine
I feel divine
in a blinding rush
I've just stopped time

But one word of caution
as consumers often.
Feel a slip
and feel a fall
it's to be expected
when you hit the wall.

Lay your head
and get some rest
and tomorrow again
you shall be the best.

Just drink the cloudy water
and you will be right back

Won't you drink the cloudy water
and say hi
to my friend Jack