Evilly So Happily

Written by: Grobb Johnson

The only happiness I enjoy today
is my complex lunacy.
What ever has become of me?
I didn't use to be this way.

I was once a happy child.
And as a kid
the things I did
were ever so tender and mild.
While laughing at one's misery is where I stop and find.
That the insanity
has demented me,
but I don't miss my mind.

Cause I like to watch the raindrops fall.
From the ground and moving up
much like the march hare's half a cup
It makes no sense at all 

Now am I really here?
Or have I died
and my brain just lied?
And told me I have another year.

The things that should probably make me sad,
like being ripped of all I had
is actually what makes me very glad.
But is that really, very bad?

And I will happily
watch the tragedy
that I find your life to be.
So says the demon, who slowly is, becoming me.

So I sit here in my tower.
Looking down, while judging others
see their faces, hate their mothers.
My evil growing by the hour.

Lost in lust is how I feel
for what I see
in front of me.
As the fabric of my mind I peel.

To watch the world and see it fall.
When everything around me
is stripped of it's reality.
Such pretty colors they are all.