Bloody Mary

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

 Bloody Mary
 In your eyes
 I see stars
 Shinning so bright,
 In your eyes 
 I see love
 Calling, inviting rum;
 Many hearts long for you
 To behold your Angelic face,
 Come with me let us journey,
 Depart to our own enchanting world
 Lust under the shining glasses
 Let us lie 
 With fresh dew 
 Of love on our brows
 And enraptured in the gossamer of drunk;
 O! Dame my flowing maiden may
 Sing to me in the field 
 Of intense love 
 In the moonlight of your heart 
 Let me rest upon bosom,
 And dream in the cherry fragrances
 Of your sweet enchantment;
 And construed in the illusion of love,
 Rise up in me, Queen Venus,
 Your royal majesty, you are 
 The conqueror, I your Prince will
 Be your assume regal superman;
 Come, let us fly away, 
 Two a kind in a purple sky,
 With you in my encompassing arms
 Over the yellow desert, over the deep blue sea;
 Into our own little floral island
 In the castle of treasured love, 
 In a wild heart to heart embrace;
 I shall continue to Kiss your tears away,     
 O! Sweet bloody Mary, yet unknown is a pure gay
 Seems a tongue of fire that dangles strangely with temptation
 As she blew away, I let her 
 Melt into the heavenly rainbow sky;
 I lighted the flame, even hidden in heart
 Who caught the butterfly? I.