In Sahara

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  In Sahara
  It is a fervent wish
  To think that the  sun;
  Should make a confrere of me,
  In a quest to make substance out of man, 
  I war it through 
  Your hot red face; 
  To fulfill the desire of growth,
  This is where my heart
  Beckons me to stay,
  Where the world is extreme
  And passing pacific principalities; 
  Finds faces with friends, 
  Let me be close to sun
  And her waste places,
  The dust, the dunes and the dandelions,
  The sombre date palms
  And the streaming dongoyaros,
  Where the gathering storm roar
  And gives voice to 
  The melody of hope,
  Where I am assured the sun will rise.