Kissing Satan

Written by: victor mufaro dzaoma

In the shadows of an African flora 
embracing my title as a mercenary
a title with little content except the smoke fumes
from illegalised seeds
the red-hot point defining 
intervals of mental genocide
and the false bravado from fired wits.

Patting the enticing behinds 
of hypnotized beasts,
beasts with bracelets that jingle
in the rhythm to the tangle of the jungle
This jungle the vast platform for emotional motions
motions whose basic notion 
is the vigilant search for death
and when found bought by the highest bidder.

Other losing bidders joining the swim in lake 'CHATEAU',
and from its coolness gaining 
a semblance of better days.
mirages of imagination,
the illusory images of reality
and in this sub-conscious existence
all aimed at the gates of HELL