How Rare

Written by: Chance Kophamer

How rare are those passion flowers
That open in the midnight hours
With waving tendrils in the night
They bask in the moons white light
As hours pass they say goodbye
To their friend in the western sky
And while that white light can only fade
A golden glow is being made
From the east it rains down rays
Of sweet sunlight that clear the haze
Surrounding all the purple petals
Shining bright like precious metals
From the heavy dew weighing down
Those proud petals like a crown
Of lights that stays with them until
Noon comes on and brings the thrill
Of the only perfect viewing hours
That those pretty passion flowers
Will ever see in there short lives
For when sun sets and moon arrives
All those lovely blooms will close
And all I can do is suppose
When next these leafy vines will choose
To open buds and to diffuse
All the colors held within
These long limbs, stretched and thin