To My Child

Written by: FABIYAS M V

Neither look at the pined behind,
Nor waste the eyes at far away.
Today hides in its thorax
What you seek for,
so dear,never be a musk-deer.
Stoop to pick fair and true.

Black poisons have been kept in bottles
Beyond the horizon, 
But fear little if you care a little.
See the rapture, my dear,
Of grazing buffalo,
Which will be slaughtered next day.

When your lamp gets dim,
Fuel it with old pleasures.
When the snow freeze you,
Dissolve it with warmth of home.
When you lose precious things,
Think of the time umbilical cord broken.

Never miss your white ticket
On the way ,my child.
You will follow me,
Sometimes, I shall you.
Since farewell tears are garbage of emotion,
Be always happy,my child.

For 'Children' contest by Debora Guzzi
(Musk-deer seeks musk without knowing the fact that musk is kept within itself)