Afternoon Prayer

Written by: LIGIA DAZA

Dear Lord:
I come before your holy presence,
I invite you to my secret place.

Praising, adoring and loving you I am.

Humble I am seeking, searching, expecting,
Asking and waiting for you my God.

My precious Lord you are everything that I need,
You are everything I want and so much more.
My desire is in you my Lord.

I thank you my sweet Jesus, for your mercies,
For your forgiveness, for your tender care and
Your everlasting love, thank you so much.

I praise you my Lord, I praise you so
I thank you, I love you, I need you.
You are so wonderful to me,
 you take the pain away.
You mend my broken heart, 
you fill my life with joy, peace and love.

There’s no loneliness, there’s no sorrow.
Your peace is real and your mercies are renew every morning.

You are my healer
You are my provider
You are my savior
You are my friend
You are my everything
You are my all in all
You are my God.

Oh wonderful master, you are my maker.
Please take my hands into your hands, and mold me,
Transform me, even if you have to break me into little peaces,
And make me again, even if it hurts. I surrender to you,
I surrender all.

I give you my will I give you my life.
I offer my heart to you, so you do as you please.
I love you, I am ready for your touch.
I surrender all, I belong to you.

I need your my sweet savior.
I need your grace.
I need your strength,
I need you more and more every day.

Increase my faith, increase my love for you.
Please give me understanding and wisdom.
Help me to follow you, to love your word,
And to keep your commandments.

My Lord, my redeemer,
Elohim, el shadai.

Thank you so much for everything that you do for me.
Thank you for lessening and for answering my prayers.

Now my Lord I ask you, I implore you,
Please bless your people, my Lord
As we gather in communion and love,
We praise your name. 
Please send your holy pretense in our mist.
May your Spirit move with power among us.
May our hearts be transform, may our lives be change