Written by: victor mufaro dzaoma

words that drift over unconscious bodies
bodies spread over deserted cities
signifying the big dents beside the targeted marks
marks swallowed by irresponsible sharks

a confidence that steals intellect and reason 
a confidence glorified by the applause of hypnotized beasts
beasts in feasts yet a confidence in starvation

mythical assertions of heights impossible as possible
and in the temporary warmth shouting even louder
louder and harder in itself 
a depiction of an arrogance that is repugnant

this recourse to incessant theory robes practice of its essence 
giving practice the cateblanche to re-assert itself forcefully 
on a higher platform
where this stupid arrogance is deemed obsolete

these dogmas reflect an epoch already passed 
and their re-instatement in this epoch 
reduces the value of our history