bon apetit

Written by: Stephen Petluk gentle fury

A prophet
of doom
I'm not

but living 
on a front line
of climate change
I'm caught

fighting a battle
of survival
with problems

were the golden wheats fields
dancing in gentle waves
to a soft breeze
just a transient dream
of Gaia's benevolence?

or are the burning deserts
of a broken world's harshness
just a dark nightmare
of failed prophets

but soft rains
no longer caress
wanton fields
replaced by a dark circus
of alternating floods and droughts
a madness without yield

a whole global civilization (or sorts)
brought to it's knees
by six inches
of once rich
living top soil

And our lives
in every way
depend on a balance
of perfect moisture
for too dry or too wet
does existence foil

but aside from gaia's aching beauty
why should you care or feel a duty
to preserve her majesty?
If you like to eat you should care!
It's self interest! Be Aware!

bon apetit!