The Night Is Good For Blood

Written by: Derek Ortiz

Thirsty indeed, so my tongue touches a neck drowned in blood, i beg for the taste and
sense, double cup coming down, shots of pure blood, like a bar full of hungry devils we
all serve each other a safe dinner, water is too light to full us all, blood is quite
heavy enough for a dinner, i love this moment of discomfort, when my victim is looking a
me with fear, i have a knife on my hands, i stab to kill, i love the way they close their
beatiful eyes shut, the moment the last air comes out their mouths and the perfume on is so satisfying the moment the knife pierces the skin, i love the choking sounds as the
devil roars his way from hell to take that soul, it is all real, i know how it feels, i
guess because im the victim...

Blood keeps coming out, the pleasure is just starting, a fierce battle with the devil for
a useless soul, i made my choice, i'll drink the blood, my tongue is in the screaming for
this cute and sweet blood, i beg lucifer himself a second chance, i want to live on, i
want to do myself part from this world, now i keep stabing, no ending to it all, i can't
stop, my muscle get stronger and faster every time it strikes inside, so beatiful this
bloo splattered is, the scream, the choking, making my body tremble in exitment, i see
this night lonely and scared, so i will make a dance party with my collection, my
collection of fantasies.