The Light in my Darkness-Collaboration with Jimmy Anderson

Written by: Rhia Madison Thomer

It all begins with only a twinklin' shimmer of light.
The sin begins to get dimmer and I felt the spark ignite!
So bright, it lit a path inside the crevice of my soul
So I didn't fight, but started to laugh at the light that filled my dark hole.
Such brilliant radiance like I have never experienced before.
Your words were like a cadence, and your passion I couldn't ignore
From above you gave me love at times I can't quite express.
You; I can't get enough of, for you are the light in my darkness!!

Of course there are times when still I falter,
But always you’re the first to sacrifice your heart at the altar.
There are days when the darkness hides their lies
And I lose what is real before my eyes
Yet, you are the first to pick me up and forgive
And point out all I have left for to live.
That rhythm of your words and the love inside your voice
Still gives me each day a reason to rejoice. 

sorry this took way to long to put up jimmy! <3