Written by: axis dj

We had promised a love so strong
But just blown away by a storm
I wonder how you sing without a song
Just like how you break my heart and now I'm torn.

I remember the words you told me
Those were the sweetest things I've ever heard
And your reflection is all that I can see
But I'm just blinded  by the things that you've said.

You moved right over behind my back
But I'm too numb to feel it somehow
I thought you can save me from the dark
But you were gone with your broken vow.

I couldn't see the sun in the sky
'Cause all I have is the dark of me inside
And I got lost the sparks in my eyes
'Cause you are not here by my side.

You left me without a word
Just like an ending song without a note
Now I'm alone on this lonely road
Trying to find my way back home.

I thanked you for leaving me
'Cause you gave me a chance to looked around
Now, I finally home where I should be
Here, beside of the new love that I have found.