Rain - Fall Upon Me Again

Written by: Kory Calhoun

She entered my life upon happenstance.
I was unaware and naive.
No angels to carry my chin.
No raindrops to cleanse my emptiness.
"I am a landscaper without a garden.
Surely, you cannot help me?"

An unhesitant smile bewitched me.
I began to drown within the scent of her hair.
Her left eyelash softly brushed my cheek
rendering me captured and speechless.

"My name is Rain."
I paused. I silently swallowed.
Her simplistic beauty enveloped me.
Cerulean eyes. Crimson lips. Indigo lashes.
Our fingertips entwined and my being
was suffocated into the magical beating of her heart.

I bowed my head and stammered:
"I've never flown above canyons before."
"I usually sink into the bottom of an empty lake."
Rain kept silent. She spoke to me through her eyes.
Riding upon the wings of an ivory stallion, we glided.
A crystal ball of wonderment she bequeathed me.
She abled me to envision:

Memories from my past.
Hopes of my present.
Dreams for my future.
Our journey seemed like an eternity.
A carousel ride a child never wants to cease;
a mysterious enchantress I wanted to stay.

I didn't expect her exit.

The clouds swelled around her flowing silk cloak;
her wings of white. I remember now. I wanted to cry 
as she drifted into the inviting dusk. 
I thought I was sobbing but was mistaken. 
I was basking in the memories, 
hopes, dreams and 
the promise of tomorrows
with the glorious teardrops of 
my guardian angel.
whisper your sacred lullabyes and
fall upon me again.
Please, fall upon me