Heart For Sale

Written by: Charles Melody Lightning Ink

(A hearty advertisement) 

Heart for sale! heart for sale!!
Do not come with your money,
Your plenty, but a heart so merry.
No need for your gold and diamond,
The allure and the glamor,
The heart for sale dishonor.
Your mansion? don't mention,
To the lowly heart it's a tension. 

All in need is a lovely bliss,
Patient love, who knows?
Tell me please.
Love submissive and adhesive,
Yearn my water-chilled passion
To rain on your throat like water melon,
To swallow you up in my obsession 
Like an ocean......

Who will be my partner? 
Come buy my heart for sale
And take it to the alter...
To cherish and not to perish.
Love, remember, together
We can conquer the 
Heart break disaster.

Charles Melody (Lightning Ink) .© January 4th, 2011.