The 2011 Grin

Written by: Chuck Keys

Grinning facetiously, frozen in 
The moment, zealously enjoying frivolity,
With smile, ovaled wide-open mouthed, clean bright 
Sparkling pearl white teeth ... all majestically a glow.
Fire powered with healthy purity.

Accompanied by a loud euphonious deep thundering 
Voice, intensely roaring aloud ... louder
Almost deafening,
Exhilarate sounds of joy, 
Part of the flash, exuberance and health in the moment.

Cheerful tears of uncontrollable glee
Ecstatically flowing, drop by drop,
Into an loosely-defined pool of happiness,
To celebrate healthy blessedness.

The joy of the new 2011...  with its uncertainty
An opportunity to review, rectify, and grow with hope.
Time to re-stoke the fire of faith
In all that we are
And with all that we have...

Let Us Come Together To Build a Non-Violent World

© Charles H Keys, 2011