Written by: ROHINI GUPTA


                   Once the Lord Sun,
                                                 Conveyed to the worried Earth
                   You are the only one, 
                                                    Where there is no dearth
                    I have given you everything,
                                	                        You being my loved wife
                    Only you sustain something,
                                                                That is the precious life
                     For it I supply energy,
		                                      The heat and the light
                     I maintain the synergy,
		                                        To ensure your delight
                     But still I always find,
		                                      No cheer in you
                     Something lies behind,
			                               That I never knew
                           Gently came the Earth’s reply
                           Not enough is what you supply
                     You  just watch the life,
	                                          	 But not its sorrow
                      And I realize its strife,
		                                        It’s worry for tomorrow
                      You can just see my day,
			                                    While shining full bright		
                      Try however you may,                       
                                                        You cannot feel the night            
                       About you I am revolving, 
                                                               As you keep on burning
                       The life will go on evolving,
                                                                 Till I keep on turning
                       It's first of January,
                                                     For me a New Year
                       So I am in a hurry,
                                                    No change for you Dear