Romance is Dead

Written by: Aleera Canino

Make me smile and feel as if I am the only one.
 Turn around and leave me bitter and forsaken.

Hold me close and kiss my lips, make me feel falsely safe.
 Run to her, with my taste on your lips and listen as my heart chafes. 

"No woman has ever treated me better", is what you say.
  If that is true, what leads your heart, body and soul astray?

Love me, leave me, lie to me, and think that I don't know.
 All you are doing is making my disdain for you crescendo.

Use me, abuse me, tear me down and try to hide what you do.
 For I will bide my time, foolish man, you have not the slightest clue.

Its a nice night for a stroll, crepuscular sky, with a repleted moon.
 Hand in hand, we saunter through the path to your impending doom.

I lean up and gently brush my lips upon yours smelling her again.
 Smiling, envisioning how you just walked into the lion's den. 

My body trembles and starts to shake, you think its because I'm cold.
 No, baby its because you're going to get your recompense fourfold.

My skin melts away and fur is now where creamy flesh once resided.
 Bones shift, teeth grow a blood lust ensues and your fate has been decided.

My teeth gnash into your body and soon you will be forever changed.
 This is your fate, now not only our DNA but part of our souls are exchanged.

If you're strong enough to survive the bite, you'll become loup-garou like us.
 You will be pack, no more lies, and cheating and no more mistrusts.

For treating me like I was your play thing, this is your punishment.
 People like you have souls that are black and malignant.