I should have done it

Written by: trina aiken

I should have dont it
no one knows what it was
but i know i could never tell you
but she told you what she did
but you pushed it aside 
i should have done it
but i was to afraid of what you would think
to insucure about what you would do
but she messed up big time but 
what if it was me 
would you brush it off and tell me 
to forget it 
the one you thought 
that was quite and innocent 
the one you thought was full of 
nothing but school 
would you tell me that 
every thing would be alright
would you protect me from my
daddy's anger 
or would you be just as made?
i bet you would have been surprised 
but i dont care 
i should have dont it 
i really should have done it 
i really should have done it when 
i had the chance i really should have done it
but i was to scard of what you would think but 
i thougt about you
your quite innocent one 
the one that never really does any thing 
the one that has just started to talk to friends on the
was put in this situation and almost
did it
would you have been mad if the same thing happened to 
when i think about it 
it makes me want to laugh 
about the double standered you have for 
both of us 
who knows what would have happened
but now when i look back 
i really wished i would have done it