Thought This Was It

Written by: Felipe Vasquez

I trip, I tumble, I fall into misery…. 
Look at my life to pick up the pieces…
After giving my heart and soul
I’m left heartbroken for no reason…
I was played, duped into believing
That I stood just one chance…
But at the end of this horrid ride
There was no promised romance
And now I walk this road
With a smile turned upside down…
Feeling so stupid for thinking
That this time it would turn around…
But again you killed my ambitions
The road now leads no where
Just an empty world to live in
Now ruled by chaos and fear
But I was the fool I guess
Gave in too much and got back nothing
Was better off as I was before…
So scared and always running!
Although it kills me to the core
To see you walk away once more
Just when I thought it could work
My heart again you tore…
Too many times I was wronged!
Too many times I thought I was sure
But it all backfired in my face
Because my love she ignored…
Times are tougher now…
I guess it wasn’t meant to be…
Can’t say I didn’t try my hardest
Just got to face reality!!