Its Not My Imagination, I Just Dare To Write Real Life

Written by: verlecia fields

hide the truth, all you want
but the truth is out there 

tell as many lies as you want 
but there are eyes, who see the truth 

and may i say this 
my poems are of the true 
not my imagination...

there are bad men (all ages and sexes)
out there and when you
do not wonder what the real truth is 
they do things right in front of your eyes 
and you may not believe what you have just seen
but it did happen 
just believe in yourself 
because they are many 
and some do read Poetry...
I may be crazy but its not my imagination 
that i fear...

Its the real world where i ask myself 
why have the News if no one will understand
when they see a real life victim...  
writing, right in front of them...