the cadet part 1

Written by: Micah Smith

she's crying and very upset,
i was drafted in the army as a cadet,
i told her i'll be ok and it will be alright,
she says how can i sleep without you in the night,

i told her i leave at dawn,
she tries to hide my uniform,
she's hurting, crying and dying inside,
i told her i'd never leave i guess i lied,
im sorry just trust me, have faith, and when i come back you'll be my bride,

she said dont say that its only going to hurt more,
if you die a broken heart is like a disease and only true love is the cure,
i kissed her, hugged her and made funny faces,
she said this is why its so hard if you go no one can replace this,

i smiled then walked into the room got dressed in the uniform,
i even practiced in the mirror how i would have my gun drawn,
i took my suitcase and place it by the door,
she said where are you going you dont leave until tomorrow,
i said i know but i just want to be ready to go,

i lied again i was leaving that very day and at that very moment my ride came,
so i asked her could i have a piece of cake with a little whip cream,
as she went into the kitchen i ran outside and as i was taken away,
she ran after the truck crying, screaming at me through the window,
i just kept my head straight as my tears started to flow...............................................