The Boogieman wears white

Written by: verlecia fields

The Boogieman wears white and a stethoscope

go softly into the room of blank wanderings

kill with out a witness to a crime

a shoulder without all that is of good and time 

break the trust of the ones 

who knows not your whys 

but, so know this great ominous servant

all can not be hidden 

for the day when eyes are open 

and your sin are made, for you, to bare 

will be the day, i will sing at heaven gates

and the debts of the dead will have to be payed 

because murder can't always been seen

there must be a hell.... 

look deeper...believe in you gut! 

I believe in my me!
but how do you make others 
believe in you?

aka:lyricvixen 12/29/2010