The Hunted

Written by: Anthony Nutter

A.W. Nutter

The landscape lay virgin and white
Warm breath fogging the morning air
Resting during the day, hunting at night
Hunger driving you from a secluded lair

The sun revealing diamonds in the snow
Making it hard to follow the deers progress
Testing the tension of the homemade bow
Survival depends on killing the defenseless

Instincts scream, do not cross the field
Demons are searching, they never rest
Foolish child, you must stay concealed
Shelter was provided deep in the forest

The deer fail to notice death approaching
As the arrow seeks out one creatures heart
Falling to your knees you silently start praying
God, capture this animals spirit as it departs

Body of the conquered, provides fading heat
Darkness fills your eyes, stars explode into view
Nothingness follows, consciousness in retreat
Life slowly returning, everything looks askew

Your feet are dangling slightly off the ground 
Involuntarily shivering from lack of warmth
The creaking of old timbers the only sound
As your body gently sways back and forth

Barn door swings open, true fear walks in  
Retrieving a steel bar from a dark corner
Void of compassion as he listens to Satan
This once loved man became a stranger

A rough hand caresses your ribs and back
Demon laughing as you try to move away
Enjoying your agony waiting for the attack
A mocking voice says, welcome home stray