Wonder why wonder how

Written by: sarah hales

I wonder why I wonder how 
You can abandon the child you made
His flesh is your flesh 
His mind is the innocences of you
His tiny hands never to hold you 

I can forgive what you were 
The bully that lived within
But I can not forgive that you abandon him
A man you say you have fight in your veins 
I see no man before my memory

One day you will see what you have done 
I will teach my son how to be the man you were not
His heart will love like love is unconditional
You turn your back you dare to disrespect fatherhood
I now have no respect for the man that has no honour

No tears pass my eye for a man that has died in my heart
You are the demon himself a son for now you choose to say goodbye
Your day will come when regret passes you by
You will see face to face a man of pride stand before you
His voice will carry his wisdom of you 

You will see him stand tall 
He will be everything you are not
His smile his laughter you will not feel
How does a man choose this 
I just wonder why and how can you .......