Written by: valeria iliadou

With windows open my breaths I am counting
While silent seconds are beating in heart's rhyme.
Silence is a deep well, inside its' waters I'm drowning
A chimera's torrent runs me down and to the surface I can't climb.

Silence shouts for those dreams left behind on desert road
Thirsty and desperate they discover an oasis illusion.
Between sights and guilts, I hold those needs ready to explode
Cutting red wires, like a choice arisen from an adulterate collusion.

A compromise is not the sound of a lonely tree being blown by the wind.
Silent nights are carving with stars world's unspoken words upon the ceiling. 
As I lay beside this abyss, like a bottle floating in the waves of the sea
I trust silence to find the truth I seek, the piece of a lost feeling.