Blood Christmas

Written by: Charles Melody Lightning Ink

** A trauma on Xmas eve, 24/12/2010, late night.**


Christmas bliss! Christmas bliss!!
Bliss turned sour, sour turned blood.
Blood wrought cry, the cry for the brutally
As soon as mid night surfaced, every one's loins leaped,
Helpless innocents wept,
For another crisis was born...
Gun shots vexed into straying helpless,
Dispatching for their lives....
Matchets wounds, went deep-deeper
Like pot holes.
Blood splashed like rain drops
Oh! no when will Jos crisis end?
Who will be the rescue?
Someone give me a clue? 
We woke up to find dead mass,
Today being Christmas,
Shattered by bomb blast,
Where will these lead to at last?
Marauding fanatics... so mindful 
Of blood.
Blood Christmas! blood Christmas!!...
Beware... and watch your back!
Or you you'll be caught unaware in the midst
Of the bliss turned sour...