Written by: louzana nubani

I’m all alone
Studying the stupid algebra lesson 
Sniffing my nose from a flu
Listening to songs to chase off
Of my discomforts’ 
I drink water continuously 
And stay alone
Until my sister comes
And breaks the silence 
With her stupid noises
I’m worried and confused
Remembering a friend’s inappropriate words
Wishing to slap her badly
For her oversized tongue
That keeps on blabbering bullshits
I don’t know why I’m weeping
Guess because there’s no one to talk too
No one to be considered a someone
Even my mom keeps on watching silly shows
And screaming at my face for nothing but a habit
And it bothers me, it bothers me to hell 
And when I step up to defend my right
She forgets my words, and off to her ridiculous shows she goes
I’m screaming from inside
Madly a monster, bored from being kept in a cage
I wanna be free
Bust the chains and do everything I can do!