Nuptials Carved By Our Parents

Written by: Felix Abbey-Mensah

Those lovely little precious moments
Moments we shared and treasured like two lovely doves
Doves that had fallen freshly in love
Love which had been nurtured over a long period of time
Time which had been kept assiduously by our bountiful parents
Parents who had been looking forward to this Nuptials
Nuptials planned since our conception in their wombs
Wombs that had born and bred other siblings
Siblings who had failed to grant them their heart desires
Desires they expect that we shall grant under any circumstance
Circumstances which we can no more bear and tolerate
Tolerate and bear circumstances like their constant nagging
Naggings which are gradually becoming a nuisance to our ears
Ears that have had to put up with these nonsensical demands
Demands which we are slowly hearkening to
To make them happy and satisfy their bitter souls
Souls that have not rested in many years
Years that have seen them hope to make this combination
Combination of their seeds in order to continue the family friendship bond