Written by: rebecca travis

“This is for me,” he said,
The words still ring in my head 
So many words spoken were lies 
Each time I hear them a part of me dies 
So badly, I want to say what does it all mean 
Why is it that no matter how hard I try I cannot be seen? 
Brief moments are all I have to hang onto
What is it exactly that I have to do ?
I sit here tonight with pen in hand 
Try to write- try to understand 
The reasons elude me and leave me lost 
Why is it so hard for me even though I know the cost?
Why do I play with fire when I know ill be burned?
Isn’t there some relief to be earned ?
We’ve played this game for so long the lines have blurred 
But know that every night I go to bed begging to be assured,
that you will 
Choose me.
Desire me, long for me. 
Love me