Missing 'Link'

Written by: Jim David

I first met him in July, seventeen years later
I was shocked to see how much he looked like his maternal uncle
So nothing like me except, maybe, the eyes...yeah, the eyes
"Hi, Alex, I'm Jim." We shook hands and I pulled him into an "ambush" hug
"You can blame your aunt for this", I whispered in his ear
"She made me PROMISE that I would" I said out loud
We jabbered like two magpies the 60 miles home
I started to realize we had many of the sames tastes AND views
We had never known each other; I was never involved in his development
His mom and stepfather were my polar opposites in every aspect
Somehow, two divergent paths had met in the middle to find so much common ground
I started to realize my absence hadn't done as much damage as I had thought
He was cool about it... he put me at ease... he was already a man!
He met the rest of my crazy clan over the next 12 days and survived them all
He seemed, to me, like he had found some sort of missing link in his life
Like some puzzle piece had been put right
He vowed to return permanently after graduation, and he really means it
He also vowed to have his first name legally changed to "Link" upon turning 18
A truer Zelda fan I've not met
I am still trying to get used to it, but I support it 100%
We chat at least weekly via the internet, making small talk here and there
It fills some of the void, but it's not enough.......

      And I find myself......
                                   Missing Link..............