Surrogate Reality

Written by: Ian Petch

Dreams of an ancient city
Collapsed in darkest light
Seen by those who witness
The beauty in our sight

The cold ambient welcome
From dissolution’s heir
Fixated on our silence
As this city starts to stare

We hold to all our reason
We focus all our will
But danger seeps toward us
Holding our hearts still

Draining all my patience
Seperating friends
I wake into this nightmare
In a horror that won’t end

A flicker of remembrance
A daydream I forget
In the corner of perception
I see the darkness set

In my dreams this city greets me
I scream until it fades
And in wakefulness I’m poisoned
What did the city say?

An ancient creature stalks me
Threatening my worth
This monster keeps me silent
In a city we call Earth