Samurai The foot Killer

Written by: Richard Pickett

Brick was put on a roller and deposited in the Bus
the Blond paramedic never left his side, Hey
where's my piece? It's right here pardner, said Bill.
Sorry I was busy puttin the eye's on the crowd. 
What'd ya take my piece for? It was layin on the ground

And you was nappin, didn't want any kids gettin a hold of it 
you really should take better care of it ya know!yea you should have
been there when I was beatin the bum. Yea I'm sure he's all banged up
pardner, Hey sweetie, take care of him will ya, he's delirious.

I gotta check some stuff Brick, Ill see ya at the Hospital,
Yea Cowboy, It's about dinner time, Your lookin a little thin
Must have been a small sandwich at lunch time,
Bill laughed, I'll see you later pardner, Take care
Bill spun on his heels and went on the hunt, Always on the hunt.

As the cute Paramedic was checking Brick out she hit a soft 
spot, Hey darlin that hurt...I'm sorry, I know it hurts , is it there?
Yea it is, ouch, yeah there. I'm sorry just try and relax.We'll be
at the Hospital in a coupla minutes and the Doc's will take good
care of you. Hey what's your name anyway.She pointed to her badge

That read La Plant, I'm Brick, Oh Sgt. Rodney ( Brick ) Townsend 
folks just call me Brick. By the way are you free tonight for diner?
Your kidding me right Brick? No Ma'am right as rain.
She blushed and said..Well we'll see what the Doc's say!
If they say ok... Arte we on? I got a sweet little place, great food

Alright, your on......