A Message To AKJ

Written by: Audonus Taylor

If I could scream truth
from the mountain tops,
and whisper false pretenses,
Then by the breath of a ghost
I would confess that I am content,
But by the yawp of a barbarian,
I would raise my voice to the heavens
and beyond, with the confession of my
affection for you, and trust in you to 
hear my cry and sing me your approval,

For if by creed alone, I hold your name
upon my tongue as an escape from cynicism,
and a quick route to the definition of grace,
Thus for a moment, ending my self torture,
I reflect on what it means to be whole,
Yet I still curse myself for showing what
should be confidential, for my love for you,
is a measure that cannot and will not be contained,
not by threat, time, or life in all of its uncertainty,
But it is still the reason for my downfall, 
from your recollection of who I am,

Still, with all as it has turned out to be,
I rue only that I feel for you to an extreme
that you cannot understand, for if indeed you
could comprehend the depths of my emotion
from your being to your name, then at best,
you would still have limited foresight of all
that your essence has proved to be in my life,
Thus by this phrase, I stamp with the hope of
you elevating your perception to a poetic level,
I can only say to you, that logic rules my life,
poetry frees my soul, and you are the combination 
of the two, 

Thus if reasons fail and logic proves fragile,
I still offer up my entirety to you at will,
Disregarding logic, disregarding all that makes
me anything that you have grown to despise,
and by the perception of a love that you once
knew, but have chosen to cast aside by reason,
I say to you, my dearest, You are the reason that
I am, A statement that if added to my emotion for 
you, becomes the sincere decree, that through time,
you have managed to pull my love with you,
and through these years, you have become all 
I am, I was, and I choose to be, by logic, and by
that declaration, You are all of my reasons....