Jacob Wysong

Written by: Elizabeth Bark

Loving people more when they leave than when they are there
Everyone shows thier true feelings for the person when they leave
All we can do is pray that they have a better life then they did here
Vendor them one last look one last hug...one last goodbye
Into thier new life with our prayers and high hopes
Never forget what we have been through together...
Going away is hard to do and no matter how many times it happens in your life...it will never 
get easier...

this peom is dedicated to my youth pastor jacob wysong...and his wife kassie...and his 
children jefferey and josie and the new baby jacob josiah...we love you and will miss you...but we will never forget you and will always think of you. you will be in our prayers always...good luck where God takes you and remember you always have a home back here...we love you...