Samurai The Chase

Written by: Richard Pickett

Bill was barely out of the car when Brick pushed the 
accelerator to the wood and screeched around the 
corner into an ally hitting several trash cans as he did,
He also heard the distinctive sound of a cat disturbed
as it was in search of a tasty morsel to fill his stomach

Brick was looking up at all the fire escapes as he drove
to see if the perp was using them as a way to get away.
He picked up his portable radio and called to Bill, Cowboy
this is Brick, you got him ? No I don't, I lost him He runs
like the wind, Don't think I ever seen anyone run so fast

I would stake my horse he headin for  for the roof pardner
Well then Cowboy, head for the roof, I'm at the back of the 
building now, will get this creep, I'll wait here and by the way
that horse of yours aint much of a stake, more like a fleabag.
Brick slammed on the brakes and got out headin for the door.

Brick just made it to the back exit when the shadow man came
flying out the door and Brick was right in in his path.Brick hollered 
" stop" Police" Then lightening struck, The shadow man hit Brick
with a round house kick square in the center of his chest,  
needless to say, Brick went down like a Brick..Yea I know, lets move on

Bricks breath was found in the Queens a week later his head 
was spinning and he was about to go to sleep. His mind was racing 
the shadow was gone. The next thing Brick remembered was hearing
the Cowboy's voice, Can you hear me ole buddy? where is he?
where'd he go ? Hang on I got a bus coming, I got your piece.....

 To be Cont. by the Cowboy...........