Written by: Rhia Madison Thomer

I had this best friend you see
she was always there for me.
She went away, there were sad goodbyes
then she came back with a strangers eyes.
Time had changed her when she ran away
I miss her so, and reminisce of yesterday.
When she was always by my side
but, all she wants is to go back and hide,
with all her knew friends and new places
to me these are all unfamiliar faces.
And bitterness coats my tongue
why couldn't we stay young?
I'm happy for the happiness you have
but I feel like I've been cut in halve,
you hardly talk to me these days
not time for me in all your knew ways.
You've inside jokes I no longer get,
I'm part of a past you want to forget?
You wanted to go far and get away from here
but, I miss you horribly so my dear.
I cry because we are no longer the same
and one day soon you will forget my name.