Son Comet

Written by: Chance Kophamer

I made a home in a star
Meant to keep me warm
But the flames grew so hot
I lost all shape and form

And dripped from that sphere
So high in the sky
To a crater on a moon
Where I was left to dry

After I cooled in that crater
I explored that new place
Marked by such time
Was that moons lovely face

But the dark side brought the cold
And I knew I would freeze 
So I caught a ride
On the celestial breeze

I sailed those solar winds
To the blue ball below
Searching all the way
For the highest plateau

I landed on the tallest peak
And felt the difference in that place
From all those I’d been before
In the extremes of space

I was far from the cold
And far from the heat
Yet somehow, on that green ground
Those two seemed to meet

And dance around in harmony
Just like that bright red sun
And moon that chases after it
When the day is done