Envy, A Heavy Cross

Written by: Daniel Cheeseman

I know there is a heaven, you
have taken me there, I know 
there is a hell I have lived
that despair.

That despair of knowing you
lie in another's arms, succumb
nightly to some others charms

Each minute I die, drown in
every goodbye, and fill my
pillows with every tear that
I cry.

Absence is a lonely place, a
vast and dreamless space,
with only memories of your
consoling face.

Are his whispers as true as
mine, does his love fill the
soul, do your hearts as one

I know there is heaven and 
hell, that you and loss have
worked your spell, it is only
in memories that I live and 

Memories can be unkind, 
peace and contentment so
hard to find, this life 
without you is so confined.

Now I stand the lapping
shore, await the call of 
Aphrodite's foam, knowing
that once this heart, you
lived and called your home.