To Netina

Written by: William Kershaw

I stood beside you there at the grave side
I heard the prayers and laments of the priest,
And I knew that you didn't recall who I was,
I thought you'd remember, at least.

Though the years and our lives separate us,
And we both wed others, its true,
Though I gave to my wife my heart and my life,
My first love, and longest is you.

I followed your life avidly in the papers and press,
I knew when you married and became a mother,
I knew of your daughter, more than I had oughter,
And I knew of the heroic deeds of her brother.

Well, in wars some must shine and some simply die,
Your son won his medals, so did mine.
Mine is buried somewhere in that hell over there,
Yours rode his glory to regions divine; politics!!

Well, I buried my love, she who loved me.
As today you have buried your husband, your prince.
I still recall pledges we made when in the third grade,
When you kissed me, and I have loved you e'er since.

'Tis true that women love different than men,
Thank God that He hath made us so.
For men have more love because women love better,
So I'll now take my old love, and go