I Don't Want to Wish for Yesterday

Written by: Autumn Page

I am so tired of convincing myself
that tomorrow, the sun will shine
I wake up and see it so differently
The clouds just covering the sun
these clouds covering my heart

I am so tired of saying you'll come back
that tomorrow, you will come 
I fall asleep and dream of it
The clouds parting from my fears
Parting from my heart, so I can feel

I am so tired of wishing for senseless things
Maybe tomorrow I won't be wishing
Maybe I'll wake up and there you will be
Your green eyes shining in the sun
Your smile making me shine bright

I am so tired of counting everything
from yesterday, and beyond that 
Falling into your arms and coming right back
The rain washing our fears away
The rain, background music to our life

I want to be awake and never miss a thing
I don't want to wish for yesterday
Because sleeping is easier when I don't
The sun will shine everyday
With or without you by my side