Written by: Elton Pearson

I walked into a room not knowing 
what was going to happen.I see four beautiful faces
 with their Innocent smiles

All of them but one remembers me the three that seen who 
I was and ran over and gave a great warm hug

The one who doesn't remember me looked at me as if she 
never seen me before. A part of my heart cracked to the sight of it

They were given presents as an early Christmas.Delight filled 
their faces as they ripped off the decorated paper 

They ran around as kids do.We took so many pictures it
 was wonderful

They got a lot of food one of them with a bit of cake in one
 hand and sweets in the other and still wanting more

It was time for us to go I firmly hugged all three and then 
it came to the one who couldn't remember me I looked her 
in her little blues eyes and I opened my arms and she gave
 me the most love filled hug and her rosy red cheeks brushed 
up against mine

They were the most beautiful kids I ever saw in my life we
 finished up and I now knew why I was here.I walked out the
 door trying to hold in the river of tears ready to burst out from
 my eyes.they all waved goodbye but they didn't know it was the
 last goodbye they will ever say to me