Your'e The Poet

Written by: Daniel Cheeseman

We write of love, we
write of glory, we
develop heroes for
our story.

Heroines, damsels fill
our dreams, desire and 
passion write in reams.

We are consorts of the
meek and the bold, in 
truth and honesty our
words are sold.

The ink we spill can
tell no lies, injustice 
and hatred the pen 
openly defies. 

Sadness and joy two
amenable friends, as
memories and feelings
flow from our pens.

Admirers of beauty
haters of waste, the
stalwarts of nature we
readily paste.

Affairs of the heart we
draw from our own,
the kiss on the page is
ever to roam.

Born of the earth yet
live in the stars, the
fulfilment of dreams
these sentences of