Written by: Robert Gresak

It ceaselessly, on all levels, reverberates
smashing through the gates
of logic, innocence and reason.
It knows no time or season
as men of high or low estate
prostitute their very sanity,
prostitute the very clarity
of their minds and souls.

Assuredly, ever since man to the state of reason attained
testing them 'till they gained
the whole world and vast power
and lost their humanity, 
their very sanity.

The grip of material power is incalculable,
it has filled, and continues to fill
and to flood the world with pain and woe,
its perpetrators fully aware, know
the suffering, the agony they cause.

yet they care not, will not e'en pause
as they pursue and solidify powers grasp
crushing all who oppose, to their last gasp.
Compassion and caring is their enemy.
Their way, their only road is that of brutality.