Written by: Katie Telling

It has come to me with no surprise,
that I must intervene in own my demise,
but a difficult struggle will ensue
for I know I will be left in the blue.

It anchored my emotions for a time,
making me feel somewhat sublime,
yet the reality of the matter lingered there,
and I hid it well behind my spacey stare.

And while everyone saw me falling away,
my life crumbling a little each day,
I placed the blame on structure and sleep,
in an attempt to hide that I was in too deep.

I could not tell a single soul
the sadness behind my secretive toll,
and so I cried until I couldn't stop
to release myself from my emotional flop.

But now the crying has become too much,
as every night my pillow I clutch,
I have no choice than to let it go,
or the emptiness that plagues me will overthrow.